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Areopagus Signature

Areopagus Signature

Areopagus is a pledge of the good life in a sense of contentment, robust health and mental vigor… far from the materialistic world in to bliss of heavenly energy



A traditional hands-on therapy massage originated in Japan, refers to the use ot fingers and palms to give pressure on the body, without the use of any oils.

Tai chi Therapy

Tai chi Therapy

Tai Chi Therapy is derived from an ancient martial art call shadow boxing that originated in China.Tai means Great and Chi means `Energy`. Areopagus blends this technique into a form of healing that strengthens and enhances the flow of life energies in your body.

Yuki Energy

Yuki Energy

Relaxing your tense body joints with this `Yuki` technique appeases and stretches your back, dissipating any physical tensions, In addition, this technique offers surprising emotional rewards as well.


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Our Launches and events covered by media .

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Apart from being a wellness boutique, we also offer to design soothing get-togethers thus enriching your ambience with our presence.Read More



Being a dynamic enterprise we believe in promoting “Areopagus” as a brand. Areopagus – Healing minds, Healing souls.
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About Us

About Us


The amalgamation of Japanese and Chinese body culture and therapies has given birth to Areopagus. It has emerged as a pioneer for a Japanese day spa with its first ever entry into the markets of India.

Energy is something that comes from within and helps the body to build itself.

Areopagus offers this in forms of therapies through a blend of Japanese and Chinese cultures.

The power of "touch" is such a potent healer that it can revive an energy depleted body. These therapies supply the body with the much needed energy and relaxes the body.

Latest News

image   Areopagus has started 'Areopagus International Massage Training Institute'
  Areopagus was listed one of the most popular Spas in Mumbai by Spa Mantra
  Areopagus has recently introduced a Beautifying session
  Areopagus had a tie up with UTV Group offering 15% Discount to all their     Employees
  Areopagus is planning to start an International MassageTraining Institute
  Our fourth outlet at Hughes road was launched on 27th May 2011.
  Areopagus recently participated in a fashion show by Manish Malhotra and Shaina N C, held for Cancer     Patients Aids Association.


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